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“Cut Off Any Attachments”

This statement has always bothered me, mainly because of relationships. I completely understand the concept of dethatching yourself from money and expectations, but relationships it’s hard for me. If you have an over-romanticized idea of how a relationship is supposed to be then you will be disappointed eventually, and therefore, become unhappy. But the problem is NOT the fact that you are in a relationship, it’s that you expect it to work out a certain way.

Friendships and romantic relationships give everyone happiness. Humans are social creatures with an inborn desire to make friends and have romances. Relationships are good, even though people fight sometimes, relationships are great in the long run. This is a hard one to describe, but I’ll try my best. If you are in a (key word–>) healthy relationship with someone you are both growing. You continuously learn from the other person every day you live with them. You are constantly improving yourself and becoming a better person. If you are giving each other a healthy amount of attention, affection, and comfort; you will be happy. So go ahead and fall in love.