The Visual Conundrum: Reality And Dreams

I started thinking today, as ive been doing a lot recently. When you look at a something in the world you are observing your eyes interpretation of what the world looks like. This means that the world may be presented in a way other than what ‘reality’ really is. What biologically happens is that your eyes receive photons that contain ‘light’ energy and your eye transforms that into neural energy. Now what about dreams? They should be just as vivid if not more so because they are already neural energy and dont need to be transformed. This isnt so. 

The only hypothesis i have would be memory. Dreams are easily forgotten and may seem vivid one moment only to disappear another. “Reality” however, moments are tied together by short and long term memory. Then again, try to imagine an apple. It will not even remotely resemble the actual apple itself even if you were to immediately close your eyes upon looking at one. So Im almost certain that this proves my hypothesis incorrect.


If anyone has any insight, feel free to comment. Im just a college student who is studying psychology and is interested in dreams. Any new information helps! Thank you.


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