Happiness 102: Happiness Theories

These are just a few of the general happiness theories I know of:

The Psychological Well-Being Approach- to be happy you need:
0 Self-acceptance
0 Good Relationships
0 Autonomy (being independent)
0 Environmental Mastery (being able to choose and create environments that fit your needs and wants)
0 Purpose in Life
0 Personal Growth

The PERMA approach:
0 Positive Emotion (more good than bad)
0 Engagement
0 Good Relationships
0 Meaning
0 Accomplishment

Six Determinants of Emotional Style:
0 Resilience
0 Outlook
0 Social Intuition
0 Self-awareness
0 Sensitivity to Context
0 Attention

Happiness= S+C+V where:
0 “S” is you biological set point (your average level of happiness)
0 “C” is the conditions of your life (Noise, Commuting, Lack of control, Shame, and Relationships)
0 “V” is the voluntary activities you do (like writing, playing an instrument, volunteer work, or watching tv)

Although “S” cannot be altered, “C” and “V” can always be changed. You may be living far from work and in a noisy neighborhood, but you can move closer to work in a less noisy one. Or you may watch tv and not feel happy because it doesn’t give meaning to your life. Or you could do something your passionate about, like start a blog on various theories on TV shows (cracked.com).


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