Just read an interesting bit of information (a paraphrase):

“The intellectual fashion or school of thought of a time influences how information is released- this is called Zeitgeist (spirit of the time). But heres the interesting part; If Darwin never existed, the theory of evolution would have still been published. No, not just because it was him and Wallace who’d jointly shown their theory. But because society was leaning that way; there were already advocates for evolution and someone else would have discovered it.”

Unfortunately this means that there are specific “times” when its good to release data. If Darwin had existed in the 800’s, he’d have been shunned by the whole population of Europe. And thats kinda what happened to alot of people who were “before their time”. These people are usually shunned and die alone and bankrupt. BUT (good news) If you are consciously aware of the time you live in (like DaVinci) and you hide/ wait to release it, you can live a good life and be famous, but way after you die.


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