A Look Inside

Ive been seriously psychoanalyzing myself recently and one of the things ive realized is my tendency to fall in love with ideas. Ive noticed (more specifically) that when i fall for someone, i do fall for their character really hard. However, what makes me attached to them is the idea of the potential times we could have together ( the picnic on the mountain under the stars, a walk through Garven Gardens, or their joy waking up to flowers on their truck on Vday) although sometimes actual experiences were better than these fantasies. Back to the point: I was at the arlington on friday. Watched couples dance, then started daydreaming of a scene in which some girl started dancing with me(since im not really after anyone, it wasnt a specific girl). Anyways i got really into my daydream (they get terribly vivid to the extent of like a lucid dream i guess). And realized i had fallen for a faceless woman, just an idea that doesnt really exist. Im pretty sure thats affected my relationships as well (imagine the effect it would have of putting someones face into that daydream). I suppose that was just a look into my mind. I hope you appreciate it, people barely ever expose themselves in such a way.


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