What does it mean to be Romantic?

Well the romantic period is a counter-movement to the enlightenment. Everyone was getting away from the catholic church and going towards the scientific method. However certain philosophers argued that humans are best left in their natural habitat, in nature. So you will find most works of art picture nature, and if i remember correctly, france (during a part of the Riegn of Terror) was in a state where the whole counrty was agaisnt the enlightenment, for nationalism and the romantic movement. Everyone was named after natural things (like dandilion, no joke) and the months were named oddly. I cant remember specifics but literal translations might be “no leaves” or something of the sort….


What does this have to do with the whole ‘romance’ idea? Well, to get away from the whole thinking thing. Whats the oposite of rational thought- emotion. side note: suicides were praised- this person felt emotions so intensely that they killed themselves. Romance is based on emotion.


Romantics dont do things for the phiscality, reasonability, or practicality. They do it because they feel something from it. Look at the whole rose thing. Romantics dont give them to potential lovers because “thats what lovers do”. They do it because giving someone a gift makes them feel some kind of joy. Another example, sex. Most people do it because it feels good, or thats the next step of the relationship or whatever. The romantic looks at the whole situation as ” im baring my complete self to another human being”, there is some strong emotion people feel for being able to get to this level with another human being. Two people are, quite literally, connected. And whether people admit it or not, there is an emotional bond that forms during it. (fun fact: i literally just justified sex as being romantic, you are welcome)


A true romantic could seriously see a person on one date, give them roses, and never see that person again. They still find joy in that night due the fact that they got to feel the wonderous emotions of a date, even if it be for one night. They could give a girl a rose and try for a single date. They would have only dated her for one night (even though they may want more), but they would still be completely happy that they got to experience true romance with her and possibly even prove to her that romanticism is real.


Romance is simply a preference of emotion over physicality.


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