What time do i have to go to work/school? That means i must wake up at this time. Get ready by this time. I am able to eat lunch around this time. The movie starts at this time. And i must go to bed by this time so i can be able to count time again the next day.

It is the only thing that prevents us from doing what we wanna do. We have only a minimal time to live, and most of that is used working, schooling, sleeping, eating, ect. Animals (besides from a ‘biological clock’) dont worry about time. They live their lives without worrying about what time to go to sleep, eat, or whatever. They just do it whenever they feel like it. Can human civilization function like this? Are we able to just live our lives independently from each other or do we need “order, rule, regulation” (tool- silival third eye) to live efficiently? Would we have to regress our whole society? Ive been thinking about some Utopian ideas working with freedom and i figured out we are slave to time more than anything else in the world.

Im actually proposing a question of discussion if you’d be willing to leave a answer in the form of a comment:

Is it possible to live lives without the existence of time? Would we have to get rid of ‘work’ and ‘school’ in this scenario for it to work out?


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