Ive been thinking about ‘perfection’. Im not talking about physical perfection, although this rant will apply in just the same way. Im a really self-aware person- I analyze all of my actions, thoughts, and beliefs. I try myself to become the best person i can be. I strive to become a person that I would want to be around. I have many flaws and try to fix as much as i can, but i would not call myself a perfectionist. But i noticed some problems in this activity. When you try to fix yourself, you may end up breaking yourself in other ways. A complete perfectionist would end up psychoanalyzing themself to the point where they will look for problems to make sure nobody finds them. They may even create them ( a mental version of Body Dismorphic Disorder). It will also lead to a low self esteem. Not only because of the “Where is my problem attitude” but also because not all problems can be fixed. Some of our flaws make us exceptionally different. A flaw for one may be a gem for another. ie: A needy person (flaw) may seem absolutely wonderful for someone who has never had much attention. Remember “Perfection only exists as an idea” Socrates on circles (fun fact: thats where A Perfect Circle the band name, came from). Nature is not even perfect. Heres the moral: Fix your flaws if you notice them and CAN, otherwise, accept them.


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