Red or Blue (an actual love letter)

Red or Blue


This was an actual letter i wrote for someone. She really enjoyed reading and was loved smart books/movies like The Matrix (hence the red/blue reference). This was what i had hoped to win her over with. Alas, she said no; however we are still friends and talk normally. This was pretty much our relationship from my perspective and how i saw the super-date i had planned. This was my proudest gesture i had ever done. Leave a comment on what this letter made you feel. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


A boy and a girl. Is this not how it always starts? He a shy, insecure, but friendly guy; always trying to make sure his thoughts were lined up before he spoke them. Always wanting those around him to know they mattered to someone, to him. He himself may have felt alone at times; however, his friends and family cared for him. He wanted nothing more than a true romance-true love- where each partner gave all of themselves. The kind pictured in the shows and movies he’d watch. The kind where roses were given, hugs were shared, experiences made, and happiness went all around. He had had a few girlfriends, but none had actually let him have this romance he had desired. He had seen the potential of having what he’d desire in other women; however, they hadn’t seen the potential in him. He had given up hope many times, but adamantly restored it every time, without fail. Then he had met the girl.


            She had seemed different than the rest of the girls he had fallen for. He had begun to fall for her and he finally gathered the courage to talk to her.  He got to know her. She was more incredible than the boy could have imagined. She had been hurt in incomprehensible ways, but did not let that change her personality. She remained this sweet, caring, and romantic person that he had gotten to know. They shared a lot of interests. He was beginning to think that she was truly meant for him. Nobody he had ever met, including some of his friends, had connected in so many ways with him. This had completely changed how he felt about her. She had become more than a crush to him- meaning more than any of those others had meant to him. She was supposed to be in his life. It was true; however, he has yet to find out in what way.


He told this girl how he felt. He explained to her the best way he could about how she made him feel safe. How she let him be himself without judgment. How he might finally realize his dream of romance if she’d take a chance with him. Unfortunately, she did not reciprocate his feelings.

After he dealt with this realization, he had still wanted her to like him. He felt she cared for him in some way, but couldn’t move on until he knew there was absolutely no hope of her ever feeling the same way about him. He begged the girl to tell him that there was no chance of her ever having feelings towards him. She would not give him that. She believed that something eventually may be possible between them. She believed anything could happen. He believed there was still hope. He could not give up on her, she meant too much to him.


            And so months went by. They were still friends and hung out together. All the while he was hoping to get her. He had come up with an idea. Maybe he could make her fall for him by being terribly romantic; by letting himself loose. She was a romantic also and maybe her seeing him for who he truly was would cause her to return his feelings. He decided to take her on a super-date consisting of a walk downtown, dinner, and a walk in a park. After the date he’d ask her if she felt anything. If not, then she never will. He had asked her if she would like to go on a date with him. He explained that it would not make them tied to each other, but that it would give him a chance to show her who he really is. She said yes.


            The night of the date had arrived. He was terribly nervous; he was shaking all over. He finally arrived at her house to pick her up. He knocked on her door. She opened it with a smile on her face. He wasn’t nervous anymore.

They went downtown, explored the shops, and talked. Not about anything in particular, they just talked. To them it just came naturally. She got cold. He took his jacket off. Wrapped it around her, and then hugged her tight as he could. She smiled.

Their dinner was excellent. He got to know things about her that she had told only to a few people. He was looking at himself from the outside. This was happiness- to make her happy. He had been able to glimpse, even if for a moment, what true love feels like.

They ended up in the park. They just sat in the grass and explored each other’s mind. He wanted this moment to last forever. It was at this moment he felt he had understood what true beauty was. He saw it, not in the way she looked, but how she talked. It completely amazed him how someone so beautiful remained unrecognized by most. He asked her if he could try something out, she let him. He moved his lips close to hers; she backed away at first, but then realized what he was doing- they had discussed this before. Their lips never touched. They just stayed there, feeling the heat off of each other’s lips, keeping their eyes locked. They stayed there for a euphoric century. Then they just rested on the ground next to each other in silence and enjoyed the moment.


            The night had come to a close. He was dropping her off at her house. He opened the passenger door for her. Before she got up, he opened the glove box. Inside there were a series of letters for her and a rose. They had hugged and said goodbye.

The girl now by herself had begun to read the letters. The first letter explained the rose, that it meant hope; a reminder that this night existed, that true romance is real. The second letter thoroughly explained how he felt towards her and why. It nearly brought tears to her eyes. The last letter was a small story telling their story and how the boy hoped it would go.  The ending gave a choice, she got to decide how the story would end. She would choose between the blue pill or the red pill to determine the ending of their story. After reading the letter she texted the boy…

Blue Pill Ending.

            She really appreciated how the boy felt and how he had treated her. She had even been given a sense of hope after this night. She just couldn’t feel the same way. She knew the boy wouldn’t want her to text him red out of guilt. She knew that it would impede his chance of finding a girl who does want him. She texted him blue. Although the boy felt a pit in his chest after receiving the text, he eventually moved on. The boy and the girl remained friends and the boy does find his true love. The girl finds hers. Separately they loved and were loved.

Red Pill Ending.

            She begins to feel a spark of some emotion within her. She thinks this boy can truly give her something special. Although the two arent necessarily tied to each other romantically, she texts him red to let him know that he can take her on romantic dates; that these two can eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend; that she thinks her spark can become the fire that he has. Eventually they find something special. Together they loved and were loved.




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