Happiness 101 Pt 3

“Live in the Moment”

People fight, dream, and some third thing. All of these things are normal; however, they can sometimes affect us adversely. Being in the past hurts us sometimes. We think about break ups, arguments, or recent tragedies. However, those things aren’t actually happening now- they already happened. If you can learn to quiet your monkey brain from thinking about them, you will begin to be happier. If you must think about the past, think about the good things (you passed that class, that cute girl said hi, you were able to drive to the gas station from your house on E).

The future can hinder our happiness as well. We can expect things to happen, and then get disappointed when they don’t. We can compare what we want the future to be like, and feel depressed when we look at our current situation. We can also feel like the future will be even darker than the present. Even though preparing for these outcomes are good (like making a choice that prevents a bad future), don’t dwell on these thoughts.

Just focus on the now and the good.


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