My Philosophies On Love (and other emotional burdens) Pt 4


Does one have to be a romantic to get love? Again, no, it depends on the person. I have an over-romanticized idea of what love should be like. This will cause me to look for certain characteristics in the women I am after. For example, the fact that she will accept the fact that I can be suffocatingly affectionate at times.  Say I wasn’t a romantic though, I was just an average joe who wanted a partner for practical purposes (companionship, family, stability), would I still be able to love my wife? Yes, as a matter of fact I know a couple that fits these criteria. They are getting married, they don’t do crazy romantic gestures, but they sure show those four components of love that I discussed earlier and are happy together. Romanticism is only necessary for love if you want it to be.


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