My Philosphies On Love (and other emotional burdens) Pt 3


Is there a ‘one’, a ‘soul mate’ that exists specifically for you to be with? This Is one of the hardest questions for me to answer. The romantic in me wants to say yes, there can only be one person who meets my criteria of what I want. The rational part of me says no. People change, tastes change, therefore; the person who you marry (whom you truly did love when you started) was the one, but over the course of time you grow apart and so does your love. Does this mean that you blew your only chance at love? No. As long as you are true to who you are, there is a chance for you to find that other “ONE”. What you find attractive in a person changes over time, sometimes you add things to the list, others you take off.

My Idea of “True Love”

As i said, im terribly naive when it comes to this topic. I feel like the purest form of love can only be felt between two giving people. I feel like everyone can find ‘the one’ and have ‘love’ but only certain people can feel ‘true love’. When someone gives all of themselves to another person this creates a special bond. Unfortunately if only one person gives themself without the other giving much than that leaves the person who gives everything drained. However if both partners give all of eachother, the result is amazing. Both partners would be able to continuously give eachother without being drained. Think of it as the water cycle: The water evaporates, then it collects in the sky, then it rains, and evaporates again. Something truely generous people would be able to have. It would be truly beautiful.


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