My Philosophies On Love (and other emotional burdens) PT 2

Love vs Lust

According to a psychological study, love is brought on by dopamine, a substance released by the brain that makes you feel good. The same substance is released during sex. What’s the difference? Well, unlike sex where dopamine is released until after climax, when you love someone dopamine is released constantly when you are around them or just think about them. When in love you released dopamine steadily throughout the relationship, till even death!

Lust is something that is inherent in humans since their birth. Its importance: pro-creation.  This is a primal desire everyone lives with. Love, however; is ‘new’ in the grand scheme of things. Im gonna post something titled “The Shadow of Humanity” that will further discuss this. The ‘bad’ emotions such as fear, anger, and lust have been with us since birth and are considered animalistic, and therefore; evil. Most of our good emotions such as empathy, sympathy, and love (the kind ive been discussing, not like a fox caring for its offspring) have only recently developed.

Can they be separated; can you love someone, but lust after someone else? Of course, but the virtue of love is in the fact that you try to resist your primality the best you can and commit to that person. Even two people that are in love will find others attractive, but they will find their partner overwhelmingly more attractive due to the longevity of their relationship and the emotional bonds they have formed.


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