Every moment is fleeting; each second is instantly replaced by the next. Yet, somehow we manage to replace each moment with a thought, we forget to experience. There are a few times in which we do actually experience: hobbies, love, and literal journeys. However most of the time each moment is lost to thought: We dream of the future, we hold onto the past. Have you ever been mad at something somebody has done? And 5 mins later you are still mad. That was FIVE mins ago- the action that has enraged you is gone it is just a memory; however, that memory of five mins ago is still causing you to feel angry. If you had not had that memory you would essentially not be mad. Even a second after the action stops happening, it turns into a memory. This is the same with good things too. They happen for only a moment. But that is what makes it so great. If legendary things happened all the time, they would cease to be legendary. Im struggling to end this well so here it goes: END.


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