Personal Notes On Lucid Dreaming

  • Dreams give gratification to one’s primal, societal, and suppressed desires:
    • Primal:
      • Going to bed hungry will make you dream of eating lots of food
      • Being dehydrated will lead one to dream of drinking large amounts of water
    • Societal:
      • Dreams about career. Ie being a journalist in you dreams
      • Dreams about romance.
      • Dreams about large amounts of money and spending it
    • Suppressed:
      • Anger (dreams of yelling at object of anger)
      • Sadness  (crying in dreams)
  • Several stages of lucidity
    • Not lucid: dreamer is unaware they are dreaming; However, they can refocus the dream when it starts to fade-Only if the dreamer has made this ability innate.
    • Low Lucidity: Dreamer is aware they are dreaming. But can only observe, not lucid enough to realize they can change the dream.
    • Lucidity: Dreamer is aware they are dreaming, can alter some characteristics such as dream characters. Can alter one’s ‘powers’. Can participate with characters in an active manner (such as how people talk IRL)
    • High Lucidity: Same as Lucidity. But person is aware enough to interact with landscapes and change environment. Scenes are vivid- more that life-like.
  • Ways to achieve lucidity:
    • Binaural/isochronic Beats
      • Focus on the sounds while sleeping; will create a frequency that changes your brainwaves from Delta (Slow) to get you to sleep to Alpha (Fast) so that you have a lucid dream.
      • Very little personal effectiveness; I cant sleep with headphones on and you have to use headphones for these to work. Great for meditation
    • M(nemonic)ILD
      • Note: ILD is always Induced lucid dream
      • Repeating a phrases such as “tonight I will be aware I am dreaming” before you go to bed
      • Supposed to define your intention to your subconscious but I have yet to see it work
    • W(ake)ILD
      • Start from a waking state and remain conscious until dreams start
      • Hardest form of lucid induction, but very effective at creating High Lucidity dreams
      • Meditation & being very tired (but unable to sleep) help with this.
      • Meditation meaning focusing on external stimulants such as sounds and feelings. Then, once you are calm (delta state), focus on internal stimulants such as your breathing or heartbeat. Don’t think, no judgment. Just be aware.
    • D(ream)ILD
      • Already dreaming and then turning the dream into a lucid one
      • Do ‘reality checks’ periodically through the day and eventually you will do them in your sleep and realize you are dreaming.
      • Probably very effective, However; I cannot get into the habit of doing reality checks
      • Keep a dream journal, it helps you remember your dreams
    • Wake Back To Bed (WBTB)
      • If you wake up in the middle of the night stay awake for a few minutes and steadily think about lucid dreaming
      • Personally it works best if I go straight back to sleep and quiet my mind and focus on the black behind my eyelids.
      • Effective, but only if you randomly wake up, I wouldn’t suggest using alarm clocks
    • Ramp Timer
      • Warning: will cause you to be very sleepy. Make sure that you have the next day to catch up on sleep.
      • You can find several programs online or buy one
      • What id does:  You go to sleep. The timer goes off in about an hour. You go back to sleep. It goes of in about 45 mins. It keeps adjusting so that your brain never gets used to the alarm. Eventually it does stop, but I think they last about 2-3hrs. What will happen is you will have a lot of false awakenings and kind of stumble into lucidity as result .
      • Cant really tell you about its effectiveness. Only tried it once- worst night ever- but it  caused me to WILD from being too tired to sleep and just laying there for several hours
    • P(unishment) and R(eward) ILDs
      • Kinda like Pavlov and his dogs, cause yourself to behave a certain way by using rewards and punishments.
      • Every time you go to bed tell yourself something like “if I don’t have a lucid dream tonight, I will have a cold shower” (or something uncomfortable like that, don’t be masochistic with the punishments).
      • Or every time you have a lucid dream reward yourself. Some use chocolate, others use drinks, some even read poetry or listen to music to reward themselves
      • Your brain will associate not having lucid dreams with “cold showers” and being uncomfortable and will give you lucid dreams so it doesn’t have to face that
      • Or Your brain will associate lucid dreams with “chocolate” and rewards
      • Ive only recently heard of this one and cant comment on its effectiveness, however it is very plausible and coincides with behaviorist psychology
  • Stabilizing Dreams
    • If you become too aware in a dream aspects will begin to either fragment, or the whole dream will just fade out.
    • Physical movements
      • Spinning around
      • Rubbing heads together
      • Shaking Head
      • Falling Backwards
    • Shout “increase Lucidity”
      • Somehow its terribly effective; I used it several times in a dream that kept fading out. I even got the dream to fade into another one that was more vivid.
      • Voice commands in general work well. Like “fly” “become invisible” “Make more vivid”
    • Visualization
      • I never found any site mention this and luckily this came naturally
      • Whatever is beginning to fade out, visualize what it looked like beforehand
      • Even if its just a part of the dream (like someone’s face) it will stabilize the whole dream
    • Meditation
      • Not necessarily a dream stabilizer because the current dream goes away, but stabilizes lucidity
      • Works excellent for nightmares in Low-lucidity dreams and lucidity that is being lost due to emotions (like fear or extreme happiness)
      • Close your eyes and focus on your heartbeat. The dream will fade out and another will enter and you will have another dream. However you must have the intent to stay lucid
  • Cool things to try while lucid
    • Changing environment
    • Meeting people
    • Talking to dream characters about yourself
    • Meditating
    • Magic/drinking potions (great scapegoat for flying and powers)
    • Teleport
    • Flying
    • Mind control

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